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Randall Uerkvitz
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Randall Uerkvitz Traditionally black, a call from deep space seeking to open the rip in the curtain...Great work!!!! Favorite track: Law of The Rope - Amon.
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V666 Law of the Rope is a sick, twisted, obscure and sinister entity that just drives my attention in every release. This time much more oriented into drone, ambient and noise. Crown of Bone is a total assault of harsh, black, satanic noise. Not for the faint hearted. An eclectic release only for those who like experimental music. Favorite track: Law of The Rope - Amon.
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Another new entry in our <em>Infernal Machines</em> cassette series, this split again features the fearsome black noise of Crown Of Bone teaming up with another denizen of the black metal/noise underground, this one featuring the somewhat secretive Cali black metal group Law Of The Rope. As with the other new Crown Of Bone split tape with Utarm, this features cover art created by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues / Aderlating) and is professionally printed/manufactured, limited to two hundred copies.

First up is Law Of The Rope with four songs of their fucked-up low-fi black metal chaos and putrescent Abruptum-esque noise. Their side opens with distorted drums rumbling in the background of "One Wound" as a blown-out devil-shriek comes ripping through the band's gaseous black murk. The music just keeps getting more psychotic from there as the sound gets blown into an overdriven mass of swarming drone and hysterical vocals, bizarre wordless squeals leading this din into a <em>killer</em> assault of noise-damaged blackened blast, with loose caveman blast beats suddenly erupting beneath squalls of primitive frostbitten riffage. No structure to speak of, just frantic, psychedelic chaos blasted through a mutated version of primitive second wave black metal. "Amon" hews closer to a more traditional black metal sound with its somber, funereal atmosphere and droning, discordant tremolo riffs, but those vocals are just as fucked-up and insane as before, degenerating into sickening dog-whistle shrieks that barely sound human. On "Wake", the band spew a smoldering wall of black static beneath more of those crazed, bestial shrieks, sounding vaguely like something from The Rita before transforming into the sound of haunting piano melodies heard through a veil of tape hiss and black mold. And closer "Unwaste" buries a deliciously malevolent electronic melody under a heavy layer of sonic rot, a simple John Carpenter-esque keyboard hook circling around in a fog of metallic scrape and thick distortion. Only for those with a taste for low-fi, primitive weirdness, but definitely recommended listening to fans of early Fleurety, Abruptum, Funereal Moon, and Emit...

Crown Of Bone counters with four tracks of his violent black noise: "Blood Chalice", "Doctrine Of Engraved Filth", "Blackened Mortuary Hollows", and "Silenced Fields Of The Decapitated". Each one of these tracks delivers a focused blast of brutal distortion and swarming static shot through with monstrous roaring vocals and wraithlike shrieks and the occasional sound of something like a horror-movie pipe organ wheezing somewhere way down in the heart of all of this chaos. It's more HNW than anything though, taking the kind of raging volcanic blast that he delivered during his run in Demonologists and pushing it into expanses of pure Merzbowian <em>roar</em>. There's no end or beginning to these pieces; they all swarm together as essentially one epic-length furnace-blast of death-obsessed noise wall. Total black psychedelic obliteration.


released February 24, 2013



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Crucial Blast Hagerstown, Maryland

Crucial Blast is an independent underground label and online shop specializing in cutting edge, experimental heavy music and related cultural artifacts, with a particular focus on blackened avant-metal, nihilistic noise/industrial, dark ambiance, infernal psychedelia, and hardcore improv/free-jazz. ... more

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