Charting The Schism


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Released as a companion piece to Theologian's first official full length "The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face", "Charting The Schism" is a new half-hour mini-album that further explores Theologian's blackened architecture of abject suffering and orgasmic damnation. These five tracks delve deeper into rumbling obsidian nightmares with Leech's signature combination of Swedish death industrial influences, infernal power electronics, and crepuscular electronic ambience.
The opener "I" begins the set with a grueling death-industrial loop, all seething speaker-shred, austere starless murk and carnivorous warnings from beyond the realm of the Order Of The Gash, grinding at the listener's subconscious like the rusted teeth of an ancient torture wheel, and the following track "II" flows through the subsequent fissures, emerging as the fearsome roar of Leviathan, klaxon blasts emanating from up out of the labyrinth while savage howling vocals warp and whip overhead, and black electronic tendrils explore nerve endings and fray synapses, dishing out some delirious, drugged slow-motion power electronics abuse. The third track also delivers more crushing, droning power electronics, the massively delayed and processed vocal ecstasy riding on chthonic waves of distorted synthesizer whiplash and grinding machine throb, and "IV" unleashes deep-space static waves that sweep through the infinite depths of space, crushing quasar impulses surging forth from wormholes and later joined by looped percussive rhythms and buried tribal drums that rise and fall within this massive metallic power-drone. Finally, "I Am The Engineer" appears as a cold black mechanical pulse shuddering through an abyss of monstrous sonic forms, deep bestial roars stretching across the void and echoing through endless blackness, surrounded by the roar of subterranean forges, and blossoming in its second half into a rush of icy, psychedelic power electronics and ominous sonar throb.


released January 1, 2011



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Crucial Blast Hagerstown, Maryland

Crucial Blast is an independent underground label and online shop specializing in cutting edge, experimental heavy music and related cultural artifacts, with a particular focus on blackened avant-metal, nihilistic noise/industrial, dark ambiance, infernal psychedelia, and hardcore improv/free-jazz. ... more

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